Weekly Roundup 9/12/2018

Not much racing action this weekend, just people smashing out some real hard training. Nicole and I  did a 3k Xmas fun run at Westbury Leigh sports centre; I only just made it after my chain snapped on the way over! All the proceeds went to Westbury Leos and Lionesses.

The first run from Clarendon went well with a few of us doing part of the big T run route along the way. All of us getting in a good 8k with good improvement coming from Matt T who’s getting some speed and fitness back. It was nice to have a different direction to run and opened up many more routes we can take which will be fab especially for next year i.e. spring and summer. Scott’s track session are becoming more popular, a nice safe venue and caters for all abilities.

I heard a great comment during the week training, “Whatever the club is doing it seems to be working with the times that are being set”. So good to see the whole club just getting better and better! Francis C was performing amazing this week in the pool, hitting a 1.30 for a hundred and Jason O’C sneaking up the inside of me and putting in a really good time for a 100m. I’m pretty sure he’s learnt to swim now. Also James C got back to us safely after a car break down aboard. The kids were out in action at Odd Down with the new joint venture with Frome’s KidsTtri club going very well. Always good to see the chilli beans flying around.

“Chase the Chairman” is coming up and will be good event for all the club, don’t worry about being to slow or fast, it just a fun run around Bradford.

There still a couple of ticket left for the Xmas party on the 15th at the rugby club,