Weekly Roundup 25/11/18

Weekly round up

Good to see Ian and Susi back home safe and not eaten by crocs or sharks.

The activity on our strava club page is going up https://www.strava.com/clubs/hotchillitri,¬†which means people are starting to think about next year’s racing. Looks like the Chairman Nick Cranston could be thinking about joining us mad few trying the full next year with the mileage he’s putting in?

I think I was the only person racing this weekend at AVR half. It’s a lot faster course than I thought it would be and another great local event put on by the local running club. They do make a good show of it.

Other news is Rob Bobby James entering for plain crazy Half marathon, a distance none of us thought he would ever do. Entrys still open for this event if anyone wont to join him.