Weekly Roundup 13/5/2019

Swashbuckler Middle Distance –  68th overall and 3rd in supervet category with a ETU qualification slot to boot 😁 

Stourhead Immortal Half – Martin & Jay raced here, with Martin coming 9th in category, 3 places better than last yr.
Jay had a great weekend doing the triple crown 10k/sprint tri/half with some great results! and Richard raced the Mega Sprint Distance.

Devon Coastal Marathon – Jodie M took on this challenge with great support from Keira.

Ian D took on the hilly Bratton 11k.

For others in the club, this weekend was all about the training. Elena & Martyn – with the assistance of Chris B – discovered the joys of Open Water swimming, there was training at Odd Down Cycle Track with Frome Tri and lots of discussion about future events too. As a club Members compete in their own individual races, but we also target events that as a Club more of us can take part in. It helps build social cohesion – something this Club has never been short of!

If you want to get to know us and train with us, get in touch!


The AVR 5k series (21st May, 18th June, 16th July, 20th August) will start soon and the Club has put in a block booking for 10 places in each event.

Bradford-on-Avon Slow Swim & Picnic (15 June) will see Club members swimming with a family picnic afterwards. Join the fun!

The Wild Boar Triathlon (23 June at Cinderford) will see 10 Club members racing.

Frome Tri (18 Aug) will see a mass turnout of Chillis, Juniors too!