Weekend Fun in the Wet

The weather didn’t stop the chilli’s this weekend with lots of you out and about either training or racing, As usual a few members attended the local park run at Southwick seeing our chairman Nick Cranston coming in 3rd overall closely followed by Mark Blake, Ben Blackwall and Kevin Gover.

Next up was Martin Disney, Rob James and Head coach Doug at the Bustinskin Dualthlon at the Bovington tank training grounds all saying what a fanatic muddy and fun a event it was and to top it off Doug took the win and Rob came in 4th, over all great success to the start of the season already.

The Juniors showed us adults how its done with a great turn out at Odd down despite the weather with awesome commitment in tough conditions but it seemed like the endorphins were running high all session!

For those who couldn’t make it we had a seriously muddy cross country fun run to warm up followed by a short break in the weather so onto the track doing lots of sprints and other fun games.

I’m sure more of you have been doing some fantastic stuff this weekend so get it on the Facebook page so we can write all about it and share it with the web!

So to round up thank you all so much for the great spirit and positive, through all the sessions.

Its a normal weekly plan for the adults which you can find here on the website and it back at Clarendon 2-4pm for the juniors on Sunday.