Following the unfortunate events leading to the cancellation of the Big T 2020, we're pleased to now offer a Virtual Big T event to raise money for charity whilst having some fun.

The plan will be to ride in Zwift (don't panic if you don't have Zwift, read on) and then complete a proper 5km run in the real outdoors. The results will be captured in a specific Strava club

The whole thing will be via a Zoom meeting so, even if you don't have a Zwift membership*, you will be able to get the atmosphere and see your virtual club mates out on the bike. One of our club coaches, Paul Ransome, will be leading the Zwift ride and our suitably able treasurer, the powerhouse Martin Disney, will be leading a second group if needed.

The zoom meeting will open at 0915 am.
(Link, meeting id & password will be posted in the Strava Club)

The ride starting at 0945.

All results must be uploaded to the above Strava site by 1230 pm.

*A free trial of Zwift is available and will be just enough for this event.



Hot Chilli Virtual Big T
Hot Chilli Virtual Big T