Tri Liverpool Race Report

It was good to see several of the Hot Chilli members heading up to Liverpool to take part in the British Standard Distance Triathlon Championships on August 14th, which was based around the
docks with the transition area being in the Echo Arena. We planned to travel up to Liverpool the day before as it was going to be an early start in the water and we would benefit being able to set
up transition the day before. Also this gave Richard the opportunity to run through the course with those who did not participate in previous years and to familiarise those with the course.

The day itself was dry and the conditions were ideal for competing in the Triathlon, lots of crowds were drawn and the atmosphere was great. From a spectators point of view, the layout was
friendly and you could view and support from a wide range of points around the docks.  There was a little apprehension as the jellyfish were present again as they were last year! However
they were only in the last part of the swim.

The swim course started in the Queens Dock from a floating pontoon which you lowered yourself into the water and then swam the length of the Dock and then left around the first buoy. This took you across the Dock to the second buoy, which you then swam back down the length of then into Wapping Dock. From here you turned left at the third and final buoy towards the swim exit.

After exiting the water there was a short run into transition in the Echo Arena. Once through transition it was onto the bike course which consisted of four laps of a reasonably flat route,
this made for a potentially fast time. The route itself was on a closed road free from traffic and had a tight turnaround point at each end. After the final lap it was time to head back into
transition and get the running shoes on and head out for two laps of a course which wound through the Dock areas. This was great again from a spectators point of view and created
a great atmosphere with the finish ending outside the Echo Arena.

I would definitely recommend anyone to enter this event in the future, a good time had by all and a great experience and brilliant atmosphere.

The Following Chilli’s Competed in Tri-Liverpool:

  • Freddie Webb 1:00:38 ( Elite Sprint Distance ) 38th Overall and 38th in Category
  • Rob James 2:10:37, 104 Overall and 18th in Category
  • Kevin Gover 2:25:15, 341 Overall and 10th in Category
  • Richard Smith 2:25:25, 345 Overall and 39th in Category
  • Lysa Fairhurst 2:28:50, 406 Overall and 5th in Category
  • Midge Bradley 2:29:40, 425 Overall and 47th in Category
  • Ashley Hutchinson 2:34:55 Overall and 59th in Category