Basic weekly view

Weekly emails will be sent to all members with connection links and passwords.

Monday Power Sprints Bike 0700 -0800 Zwift and Zoom
V- Fit Total Body 1815-1915 Zoom
Tuesday Morning flow 0700-0800 Zoom
HIIT Bike 1900 -2000 Zwift and Zoom
Wednesday Family Fitness 0900-1000 Zoom
V-Fit Total Body 1815-1915 Zoom
Thursday Elevation Bike (Strength Hills) 0730 -0830  Zwift and Zoom
Core 1830-1930 Zoom
Harry’s Run Set Your time  Posted weekly
Friday Morning flow 0700 -0800 Zoom
Family Fitness 0900-1000 Zoom
Saturday Morning Flow 0930-1030 Zoom
Sunday More to come

Keep an eye on the club Facebook site and posts here for daily training from members. Stay Safe!