Strength and Conditioning

Friday’s 0630 to 0730, Castle Place, Trowbridge.

Strength and Conditioning is the newest addition to the repertoire of Hot Chilli Training sessions and was incredibly well received by the club’s members. In a recent club survey Strength and Conditioning was the most popular activity to include in the training schedule with 83.3% of responses requesting it. The club has now arranged a weekly session and it’s looking to stay firmly on the Hot Chilli Training Menu!

The first session was held Friday 31st January and it was predictably busy. An array of activities was put together by Strength and Conditioning coach Gary Daniell, including warm up, circuits, a fun team challenge, stretching and a cool down. The feedback has been fabulous, everyone who took part was extremely enthusiastic and keen for the next session on Friday 7th Feb.

If you’d like to join in to help improve your fitness, strength and overall physical and mental health, why not take advantage of a three week free trial with the Hot Chilli Triathlon Club.