Juniors Odd Down Duathlon – Sunday 21st May 2017

This is our second Juniors Club Duathlon at Odd Down Bike Circuit, Bath, designed to provide both adult and junior athletes with a great opportunity to build both race speed/fitness and practice transition skills going into the season. Our club is a British Cycling affiliated club, which provides this excellent facility. For those racing duathlon races this is ideal for race preparation, for those preparing for triathlon it is a great opportunity to practice transition skills and build race specific fitness.

This Duathlon was held on Sunday afternoon from 12:45 to 16:00 and the format maximised the training/race opportunity and skills practice, allowing each athlete the opportunity of racing twice, with rest between races whilst other age groups race. Each race starts with a run which will start and finish from transition. Athletes then transition onto bikes T1. The bike course runs through the transition area as per ITU racing and once the lead riders reach T2 any lapped riders finish their ride on that lap and transition into the final run (with lap penalties recorded).  Normal BTF transition rules will apply.

Although primarily for the Juniors Sunday session this was open to adults as well, with the following distances as detailed below on the Odd Down map:

Tri Start / Tri Star 1 (8’s & 9-10) 800m / 3km / 800m  (1 short lap / 2 long laps / 1 short lap)
Tri Star 2 / Tri Star 3 (11-12 & 13-14) 800m / 4.5km / 800m (1 short lap / 3 long laps / 1 short lap)
Adults & Youth  Race 1 & 2 800m Run / 7km Bike / 1.5km Run (1 short lap / 5 long laps / 1 long lap)