ICEtags – Your In Case of Emergency Contact


Many of you will NOT know of the tragic accident that occurred to the younger brother of Olympic medallist Steve Cram.

Kevin Cram, aged 39 died in May 2001 after falling and fracturing his skull while out running in a Cardiff park. Crucially he was found lying in a gutter by a passing motorist, but it took police 48 hours to notify his family because Kevin was not carrying a wallet or anything containing his name or address.

Kevin had no ‘In Case of EmergencyICE contact details, so Steve Cram started an initiative to introduce ICE tags called CRAM TAGS.

Since than we have moved on and many forms of ICE tags are available that carry vital information about you to help you get the help you need, should you need it. They’re small, inexpensive and can be attached to your keys, helmet, clothing or shoelaces, yet they carry important ID information, emergency contact details and any medical details that may assist emergency services… just in case.

Remember if you carry a mobile phone, its normally locked, and how skilled is the average person at unlocking a mobile phone!!