Hot Chilli Triathlon Club achieves TriMark Bronze …

… and eagerly awaits the release of TriMark Silver!

TriMark Club Bronze

At the end of 2019, just before Christmas, the Hot Chilli Triathlon Club obtained TriMark Bronze accreditation from the British Triathlon Federation (BTF).

“Triathlon England has worked with Sport England, under Club Matters, to develop a new accreditation scheme for community triathlon clubs within England called TriMark Club accreditation.  The scheme is for all community clubs, junior and senior, that have an established committee, a recognised constitution and has a membership offer open to everyone no matter what their background…”*

Since the scheme’s inception, Hot Chilli Tri Club has held TriMark status; recognition of a safe rewarding & fulfilling club for participants, no matter what their gender or age, who want to be involved within the sport of Triathlon. Achieving TriMark Bronze shows the clubs commitment to its members and the future of the club.

Meeting most of the criteria for TriMark Bronze was straightforward, as the club is already run to a high standard, when it comes to activities and coaching though, the club smashed it:

  • Although only 1 level 1 coach is needed, Hot Chilli’s have several Level 2 Coaches, a Level 3 High Performance Coach and an ASA Level 3 Swim Coach.
  • Only 1 coached session per week is required but Hot Chilli Tri provides 6 coached sessions, for all abilities, per week.

If you wish to read more about the accreditation please follow this link:

Although officially TriMark Bronze is the entry level, it is however, the only level the BTF will currently award to any club (correct at time of writing). It is therefore the highest standard our club can obtain at this time.

Once the BTF open the accreditation process again for TriMark Silver, Hot Chilli Tri will be ready to demonstrate to the Regional Development Manager that it deserves that too; the current criteria suggest the Chilli’s are already there!

TriMark Silver Club Accreditation

Club Management

  • The club is committed to further development and work to maintain and improve accreditation. ✔
  • The club holds regular Management Committee meetings though-out the year, including an AGM. ✔
  • The club has a set of rules that all members sign up to. ✔
  • The club has a clear and open accounts procedure. ✔
  • The club communicates regularly with members. ✔
  • The club actively promotes individual Home Nations membership. ✔

Activity Programme

  • The coach responsible for the overall programme has completed the British Triathlon Level 2 Coaching award or British Triathlon Level 3 coaching award. ✔
  • The club has a coaching team that has an active CPD programme. ✔
  • The club organises a minimum of one ‘open novice training session’ to encourage newcomers every year. ✔
  • The club has members participating in local and regional events. ✔

Knowing Your Club and Community

  • The club has Code of Conduct for all members. ✔

Duty of Care and Welfare

  • The club holds information on any medical conditions of all members and has a system in place to impart the information to club coaches/relevant officers. ✔
  • The club has emergency procedures for dealing with serious injuries/accidents. ✔

Once Hot Chilli Tri Club has obtained TriMark Silver, we will be waiting for Gold to be released so we can get that too.

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