Club Associate Membership of Trowbridge Rugby Football Club (TRFC) 2017

Hot Chilli Triathlon Club has associate membership with Trowbridge Rugby Football Club, Doric Park for 2017. This includes access to many of the facilities of TRFC for our training and social activities, inclusive:

Our weekly club evening session on either Tuesday run (Winter) or Wednesday brick (Summer) We share separate, marked male and female changing rooms and showers with AVR, but have an additional room in winter and inclement weather for pre-run briefing. Use of a pitch or training area when daylight permits.

Use of the TRFC, as a venue for selected events as below:
a. Committee meeting on the second Tuesday of the month
b. AGM in October – sole use of either bar or lounge area
c. Monthly social on club nights – shared use of available bar area / skittles alley.
d. HCTC “BIG T Duathlon” on a Saturday (planned for Autumn), with access to parking transition area (Disabled Parking zone) from 07:00, changing rooms, shared use of bar until 18:00.
e. Other ad-hoc HCTC events where possible, including but not limited to meetings, training areas, shared use of available bar area.

An HCTC presence within Doric Park:
a. Access to a public notice board for public HCTC Events
b. HCTC welcome sign at the front of the building.