Chairman Tuesday – Virtual Swimming

Morning All

It seems ages since I've been in a swimming pool now and, with all this lovely weather, I'm really wanting to get going again. I'm sure you're all feeling the same and desperate to do some exercises that will keep you swim fit, ready for that first dip.

I've had a little look around and found some sessions that look good, I hope they will help you stay strong and ready for the open water.

All the best, stay safe and look after each other.

Global Triathlon Network (GTN)

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How To Train For Swimming At Home Pt. 2 | Band & Swim Chord Training Exercises
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Team Charles-Barclay

Swim Specific Core Exercises

Effortless Swimming

10 Things To Do While Your Pool Is Closed

If you lucky enough to be able to swim in a pool, but it's not very big, try a swim tether:

Dry-Land Swim Exercises You Can Do at Home


Improve your swim at home with these dry-land workouts


P.S. As triathletes we are very lucky to be able to keep fit through our other sports so remember to make use of all the virtual training going on within the club too, currently free to members!


  1. If wanting to participate in a virtual Tri, would a swim tethered swim count? My logic is, I do 25 strokes per 50m in a pool, therefore, for a 750m swim that equates to 375 strokes in a tether, does that qualify as a virtual effort?

    • Hi Stewart, your logic sounds sensible, however, I think it would be down to the virtual triathlon organisers to explain what they’d accept. I’ve not seen any full triathlons on at the moment, only cycling and running events. We have an event this weekend if you’d like to join in, it’s free, but there won’t be a swim leg. It’s a 40km bike and 5km run, take a look at our events section for the Virtual Big T:

      Sorry I can’t be any more help but I wish you all the best, stay safe.

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