Chairman Tuesday –

Hey All, hope you're all keeping well.
It's time for Chairman Tuesday again, where I set you a workout....happy days!
This week I thought I'd take a leaf out of Emma's book and pass you a link to an awesome looking workout, designed to keep you strong whilst locked up indoors. There's a full plan with 3 sessions a week and 2 versions. Each session has 2 or 3 reps, 3 reps takes about 50 minutes; easy enough to fit in around the other sessions being offered by our fab coaches.
All the details can be found at the below link. There is a youtube video, toward the end of the article, to show you how to do each exercise along with the benefits. Basic and Advanced versions exist for those of you who can do a handstand press-up!
I've been putting off doing this...guess I'll have to get started now too
Take care