Virtual Big T Results

Well done everyone, such fun!. Here’s the results of the first ever Virtual Big T: Name Age Group Bike Time Run Time Total Position Kieran Lloyd 00:28:04 00:18:09 00:46:13 1 Simon Brace 00:28:45 00:18:40 00:47:25 2 Rob James 00:29:59 00:19:53 00:49:52 3 Paul Ransome 00:29:41 00:21:55 00:51:36 Kim Brace 00:30:30 00:21:21 00:51:51 1 Sophie Walker […]

Provisional Results

Virtual Big T Results – Provisional

What a great event! A full round will be posted soon but for now here’s some provisional cycling results for you. Overall | Men | Women Rank Name Date Speed HR Power VAM Time 1 Kieran Lloyd May 3, 2020 43.1km/h – 340W  – 28:04 2 Simon Brace Ⓥ May 3, 2020 42.0km/h 171bpm 334W  […]

Hot Chilli Tri - Virtual Big T with vibelive

Virtual Big T – 3rd May

Hi All If you have entered the ‘Virtual Big T’ please make sure you’ve done the following: Joined this Strava group: Follow Paul Ransome HCTC on Zwift so he can invite you to the race. If you are not using Zwift please use a Garmin with a speed sensor. Download the entry instructions here: […]