Weekly Roundup 28/1/2019

Another busy week training and racing in the hot chilli winter training camp. -5 temperature. Biting winds and driving rain but we’re still putting in the Winter Miles for Summer Smiles. The club moves forward together towards our goals. With a few brave souls doing the tough slaughterford 9 race yesterday attacking mud hills and […]

Weekly Roundup 21/1/2019

Another good training week in the bag and with the march into February training looming large, people are starting to think about there A races and what pre-events would work well in the build of training towards these. With a few lucky members of the club away on training camps in the heat, the rest […]

Weekly Roundup 13/1/2019

So nice to see everyone making efforts to make all the sessions throughout the week which is amazing. Our club spirit is high. Great shout to Tracey B who was absolutely amazing the effort she put in to tuesdays social run. Hope Chris W is okay after his fall on his bike this weekend. We wish you all the […]

Weekly Round Up 7th Jan 2019

Weekly round up So with Xmas and new year out the way things return to normal training wise with the club, and the regular training sessions will be back in place. With 2018 out the way people are starting look toward 2019 events and beginning to up the training if going long course or up […]