Hot Chilli Triathlon Club Members’ Code of Conduct

Trowbridge Hot Chilli Triathlon Club is committed to making triathlon accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender or athletic ability. We provide coached group training sessions in a supportive, friendly and safe environment. As a member of Trowbridge Hot Chilli Triathlon Club you are expected to abide by the following Members’ Code of Conduct. Members […]

Hot Chilli Triathlon Club Constitution

Club Name 1.1. The Club will be called “Hot Chilli Triathlon Club” This name may be abbreviated to “Hot Chilli Tri Club”, “Hot Chilli Tri”, “HCTC” or “Trowbridge Hot Chilli Triathlon Club” for publicity purposes.   Affiliations 2.1. The Club will be affiliated to Triathlon England (TE) and Cycle Time Trial Association (CTT) and/or any […]

Club Associate Membership of Trowbridge Rugby Football Club (TRFC) 2017

Hot Chilli Triathlon Club has associate membership with Trowbridge Rugby Football Club, Doric Park for 2017. This includes access to many of the facilities of TRFC for our training and social activities, inclusive: Our weekly club evening session on either Tuesday run (Winter) or Wednesday brick (Summer) We share separate, marked male and female changing […]