VOBSTER Quay – Open Water Swimming – TRIBAL Traithlon 2017 club membership – PSOL deal before 20 April 2017 – book now

Hot Chilli Triathlon Club members have an excellent option for Vobster Quay 2017 club membership through TRIBAL Traithlon for £25.
PaySubsOnLine (PSOL) is now open for registration at £26 to cover club costs, but this is a bargain which you need to get before 1 May 2017.

Use PSOL (Members/Events) and get the membership forms at:


HCTC will be responsible for collecting all individual payments through PSOL but requires the completion and collation of a completed and signed membership form, Health Questionnaire and any appropriate disclaimers for each club member wishing to take up TRIBAL membership.

After 2nd May 2017 Club members will be required as any other, to sign up individually and pay the full individualmembership rate of £36:00.