The first of 3

So here’s the first of our three bios from our newer members as they have become triathletes for the first time.

Here’s Gemma’s story in her own words:

“Before joining the Hot Chillis I’d casually thought about doing a triathlon for a few years. I’d completed a few running races but had never ridden a road bike, could hardly swim front crawl and hadn’t run properly for quite a while.

I joined the club in August 2018 and first met some of the members at a morning swim session. At the swim I got persuaded to come along to one of the Westbury 5k runs taking place that evening. I’ll never forget finishing that 5k – I was struggling all the way round and two club members ran me into the finish! I realised I had a bit of training to do before a triathlon was in my sights…

The main club sessions I attend are the swimming sessions. At the start I couldn’t imagine how I’d ever get to the point of swimming 16 lengths continuously to complete a sprint distance tri, but the coaches that take the sessions teach you the right technique and get you used to swimming for longer. As there are a few other new female members some of us have also started getting together in smaller groups to run and get out on the bikes at weekends. More experienced members are always happy to teach newer members and this really helps build confidence.

A week ago I completed my first sprint triathlon and absolutely loved the experience. Seeing club members waiting to high five me as I ran in to the finish was an amazing feeling. I’ve always felt supported and encouraged in the club and with the season just getting underway I can’t wait for the other races we all have planned, whether taking part or cheering others on.”


Gemma joined us by just coming along to one of our sessions. She’s now seeing the fitness benefits of regular training, has made new friends, and even thinks of it as fun!


We swim Monday 7am, Tuesday 6:30am, Wednesday 9pm, Thursday 6:30am and Friday 6:45am all in Trowbridge Sports Centre, you cant miss us!


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