Whether you are aiming to complete your first triathlon at the BIG T Trowbridge Triathlon, or you are more competitive, this is a chance to ride the bike course and run the new run route. – run by the clubs members we will try and help you as much as possible.

The day is designed to equip the complete novice/newbie triathlete with all the basic skills and knowledge to take on their first event, as well as those with a little more experience to have a great race; the day will cater for a range of age group abilities.

You will be taken step-by-step through:

  • Race day preparation
  • What to expect at the BIG T event
  • Take a sneaky peek at the swim, bike and run courses; and
  • Get the chance to practice all the skills for your swim, bike, run and transitions

Triathlon Training Day – Sunday TBN (probably in Mar 18)

How to prepare for the BIG T Triathlon Bike / Run

08.30 Welcome, Intro & Sign in

08.45 BIKE – A group ride of the  BIG T Bike Course

11.00  Race Kit Q&A session

12.00 TRANSITIONS –  a guide to cover all aspects of T1 / T2 transitions, from setting up your transition area and the rules of transition to running with your bike and mounting and dismounting your bike safely.

13.00 RUN –  A group run around the new run course for 2018