Sprint Event

The Sprint Event involves a 400m pool swim, 25km bike section - with approx. 190m of climbing - and a 5km run.

For any novice this is a start in Triathlon taking less than 2 hours of your life.
Don't worry, as you can swim breast-stroke if needs be, have a cuppa in Transition, ride a hybrid or mountain bike and even run in your slippers!
But importantly you have to start somewhere, so try us as we are keen to encourage you to have the same fun and passion in our sport as we have!

Bike Directions

Outbound Leg

1. Merge Left into Cedar Grove.
2. Turn Left into College Road.
3. Turn Right into Bradley Road (A363).
4. Cross mini roundabout.
5. Cross mini roundabout.
6. Major roundabout Merge Right into Woodmarsh.
7. Turn Right into Southwick Road.
8. Turn Right into Goose Street – Marshalled circuit

Main Loop

9. Turn Left into Frome Road.
10. Turn Left into A36.
11. Cross major roundabout A36.
12. Turn Left into Marsh Road.
13. Cross mini roundabout.
14. Cross mini roundabout.
Hazard – Steep incline – Dilton Marsh
15. Turn Left into Fairwood Road.
Hazard - Under bridge
Hazard - Humpback bridge
16. Turn Right into Brokerswood Road – Marshaled Turn.
17. Sharp Turn Left Brokerswood Road.
18. Marshaled Y Junction Goose Street & Southwick Road.

Return Leg

19. Reverse of outbound leg above (1 - 8).

Run Directions

1. Carpark into Beech Grove.
2. Beech Grove into College Rd RH turn
3. Over College entrance.
4. CSAS manned mandatory Frome Road crossing - out/back
5. College Rd on Frome Rd LH Turn.
6. Lambrook Rd roundabout.
7. St Johns Crescent left turn.
8. Footbridge into Southwick Park
9. Southwick Country Park main entrance
10. Left turn and return