Weekly Roundup 29/4/2019

With only one week until the Big T, the event is pretty much all planned out. More help will always be welcome on the day and it is a fantastic way to understand the sport more than just the weekly training. There’s the Calne triathlion this weekend also. A few of us are racing, with […]

Weekly Roundup 15/4/2019

This weekend saw a few of us take out people for the Big T induction. This is where we show those entered for the Big T on 6th May (only 3 weeks now!) around the course to help them familiarise themselves. This went very well with the weather on our side compared to other years. […]

Weekly Roundup 7/4/2019

With not much happening last week, this weekend was a complete change! There were Chillis racing all over the country. First was Ian D tackling a 15 mile hilly trail run the other side of Cheltenham. He smashed out this hard course in 2.07: top running mate! Next up was Richard B and Nicole J going long distance at […]