Weekly Roundup 28/1/2019

Another busy week training and racing in the hot chilli winter training camp. -5 temperature. Biting winds and driving rain but we’re still putting in the Winter Miles for Summer Smiles. The club moves forward together towards our goals.

With a few brave souls doing the tough slaughterford 9 race yesterday attacking mud hills and water Emma C, Martin D, Ben B, Mark B and Matt D. Along with the girls Gemma N, Lauren E and Jodie M doing a group ride on saturday morning. Martyn J went on the Grand Fondo ride with TCC (Trowbridge Cycle Club). Scott L, Kirk L and Simon B put in heavy miles in Lanzarote. 

Not one to miss a trend with trying things blindfolded, we thought we try a 800 meter lap in the dark at our rugby club venue by having the lights turned off. Richard B trie a relay race trying to race Rob J on 8 by 100 metres xx

Mark H had us doing touch turns practice in the pool trying to save us seconds and improve our swim times with little or no effort needed. This is skill well worth the effort to get right.

Also be careful on the roads as icy out there now in the mornings and make sure you’re locked in your turbo securely. Stay safe people!